Please note that Dr. Rhodes has left the practice and Dr. Ramin has taken
over since January 1st, 2011. Further updates to the website is coming soon.

Thank you for your understandings

A family doctor who

cares for your health.  

See your own personal physician
For individual attention and continuity of care

Electronic Medical Records
For the highest degree of accuracy and care

Preventative and Acute Care 
For preventing illness and getting you back on your feet when you are sick 

And your time.

Same Day Appointments* 
So you can see a doctor when you need to

On-Time Appointments* 
So you don't waste your time waiting --              Ideal for busy families and professionals

On-Site Lab for Blood Draws and Other Simple Outpatient Testing
So you avoid unnecessary referrals and trips to outside facilities  

*in most circumstances






Photography by Robert Cummings Alexandria, VA